At Nande Capital, we seek to extract opportunities of shared value creation.

The fundamental concept of running a business is based upon creating and sharing value. The cost of unlocking the value is paid (input cost), the business retains a share (profit margin) and distributes the rest of the value to the customer – everyone wins. In other words, we believe in driving the common good for our society and our business.

We are passionate about making a positive impact in the environment around us, from assisting in creating jobs, through empowering small and medium enterprises, to building, securing and growing wealth for investors. We do this by connecting return-seeking capital with the capital-hungry economy on the ground. We focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and in particular on our beloved South Africa.

Nande Capital is an advisory firm which specialises in providing accessible, diversified and cost-efficient solutions to investors in the alternative asset classes (private equity, infrastructure and others). Our main focus presently is the launch of Meta Capital Partners, a listed limited partner (listed LP) in private equity funds, which aims to make private equity accessible and palatable to institutional and retail investors in a way which was previously impossible in South Africa.

What does Nande mean?

{ˈnaːnde} ← ni + ande

Zulu: to increase; multiply; accumulate.
Let us help you do just that

Our clients other than Meta Capital Partners, a listed limited partner (listed LP), include some of the leading firms in alternative asset classes including: Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Infrastructure and Property Development Companies.