We will find you a solution

Our main focus presently is the launch of Meta Capital Partners, a listed limited partner (listed LP) in private equity funds, which aims to make private equity accessible and palatable to institutional and retail investors in a way which was previously impossible in South Africa. Our expertise includes fund raising services, investment structuring (consulting) services, secondary market solutions and deal identification capabilities.

We also offer these services to other clients and envision growing our footprint.

Capital Raising Services

A significant service offering is helping our clients raise capital from our significant institutional investor base.

We are skilled in matching investment opportunities with investment needs. Since most alternative asset investments are long-term commitments, it is important to find an appropriate investment partner.

Investment structuring services

As part of our services we ascertain, understand and determine our clients’ needs from an investment consulting perspective. This allows us to develop appropriate structured investment solutions for our stakeholders, which yields the desired investment outcome and mitigates relevant risks in an efficient manner.

Secondary Market Solutions

Due to the nature of many alternative asset investments liquidity can be an issue. We provide secondary market solutions to improve liquidity for investors. This makes this asset class more palatable for many investors.

Deal Identification

Since we are very active in the alternative investment market, companies approach us to help find them investment partners. Our clients get first access to these opportunities and this automatically improves their deal flow pipeline.